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Exotic Car Services: The Best Car Detailing Service in the Lakeland, Florida area!Top-Notch Car Detailing near Bartow Florida

At Exotic Car Services, we can take care of any vehicle. We specialize in exotics & classic cars, and are proud to offer our Showroom Auto Detailing to the true car enthusiast.

But automotive detailing isn’t just for sports cars or antique cars. It also has terrific benefits for your “everyday car.” We also provide Motorcycle Detailing and Boat Detailing!

We Are Your Bartow Florida Car Detailing Experts

We will professionally and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, restoring your vehicle to a “showroom new” look from the dashboard to the windows, seats, carpets, and everything else. Below is a resource to help you understand everything you need to know about Car Detailing.

For more information or professional Car Detailing in Bartow Florida, give Exotic Car Services a call or fill out our online service request form!

Choose A Local Auto Detailing Shop for Best Results

The #1 hand car wash in Lakeland, Florida!!Exotic Car Services is a passionate, charismatic, and driven company with a focus on high-end automotive detailing and window tinting. Our knowledgeable, bilingual team is here to assist you in either English or Spanish.

At Exotic Car Services, you’ll always receive great customer care, professional advice based on the most up-to-date industry standards and products, and the know-how that comes from decades of combined experience. You can always count on us to help you make the best out of your ride.

Most Popular Car Detailing Packages in Bartow Florida

Executive Package

Cars $85
Small SUV / Truck $95
Large SUV / Truck $105
Time: 2+ Hours
Note: Removal of excessive dog hair may incur additional charge.

Hand Wash
Hand Dry using soft chamois towel
Bugs Removal
Lower Body Panels, Wheels and Tires cleaned
Exterior windows cleaned
Shine Tires and Plastic panels
Door Jambs cleaned including trunk jamb
Door Panels wiped down
Interior windows cleaned
Carpets, Seats & Trunk vacuumed
Center console and dash wiped down
Air Freshener
Hand Carnauba Wax

Interior Deluxe

Price from $155
Time: 4+ Hours
Note: Exterior cleaning is not included. Removal of excessive dog hair may incur additional charge.

Vacuuming of carpets and seats
Meticulous cleaning all interior vinyl, plastic including door panels, interior panels, dash, console, cup holders and then shined using a non greasy vinyl protectant
Carpet Shampooing including carpeted mats
Leather cleaning & conditioning
Seat shampooing
Headliner and interior visors are meticulously cleaned by hand and spot treated
Cleaning out any dust and debris from air conditioning vents
Vacuuming and if needed shampooing of trunk / boot area and any carpet and interior panels there in.

Exterior Deluxe

Price from $125
Time: 3+ Hours
Note: Interior Cleaning and paint correction / high speed buffing is not included.

Paint is hand washed with a pH neutral soap
Bug & Tar removal
Full Engine Detail
Paint is dried with soft chamois towels
‘Clay Bar Treatment’ – Detailing clay is used to remove embedded contamination in the paint
All exterior glass is washed and wiped down
Wheel faces and barrels are cleaned
Wheel wells are washed
Tires are washed and dressed
Carnauba wax or polymer paint sealant is applied to exterior painted surfaces for shine and protection
Gas Cap area is thoroughly cleaned.

When you need Car Detailing in Bartow Florida, you can count on Exotic Car Services for all your needs. We also provide Motorcycle Detailing and Boat Detailing.